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Bossi: Pascale Tosyali's Leap into Elevated Active Wear

April 23, 20241 min read

Have you ever stood at the precipice of a dream, with life throwing you a curveball that could either make or break your entrepreneurial spirit? Pascale Tosyali, founder of Bossi in Tuscaloosa, joins me, Patricia Blondheim, to share her incredible story, which is sure to ignite a fire in the hearts of aspiring business owners everywhere. From the gutsy start of selling in pop-up locations to launching a beloved brick-and-mortar boutique, Pascale's journey is a testament to the power of audacity and the magic that can happen when you leap into the unknown — even when that unknown includes pregnancy and the challenge of balancing motherhood with business ownership.

During our conversation, we peel back the layers of Bossi's identity to reveal how it defies the norms of a typical campus-centric sportswear store. Pascale is passionate about catering to a diverse clientele, from spirited high school athletes to women in their prime seeking comfort and style. We also get a glimpse into the life of this dynamic working mother and what she does for those precious moments of downtime. If you're hunting for your next workout ensemble or in search of entrepreneurial inspiration, let Pascale's dedication to her craft and commitment to inclusivity in athleisure fashion leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your next big adventure.  #GNPNorthport #Bossi #Tuscaloosa #ActiveWear #Leggings #Fitnesswear #Gym #Fashion #Workout #WorkoutWear #Yoga #YogaWear #Apparel #Athleasure

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